Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Duke Kunshan University Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement applies to your engagement with Duke Kunshan University (“DKU”) websites ( domain and the subdomains thereof ) (“DKU Websites”) and submission of your Personal Information to DKU Websites. “Personal Information” means the personal identification information as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China (“China”), which may include, without limitation, your name, gender, date of birth, ID number, photo, location track, residence address, school grade, phone number, email address, educational history. By providing your Personal Information to DKU Websites, you expressly agree that DKU may collect, use and maintain your Personal Information according to this Privacy Statement.

DKU is a Sino-foreign cooperatively run university registered in China and is committed to fairly and appropriately managing and safeguarding the information collected, used and maintained in support of its missions and to transparency regarding data management practices. DKU respects the integrity of all its stakeholders, including as represented by the Personal Information about each stakeholder, and takes seriously its responsibility to protect individuals’ privacy in balance with meeting its legal, policy and administrative obligations.

The following describes how DKU Websites collect, use and maintain your Personal Information. This privacy statement covers all DKU Websites unless a particular website indicates otherwise.
Purposes of Collecting, Using and Maintaining Personal Information
DKU may collect, use and maintain information including your Personal Information you submit through DKU Websites to meet our obligations to you as a stakeholder, to facilitate providing you with online services, to respond to your inquiries, to register for events, to provide website feedback, and for DKU’s own marketing and development purposes.
How DKU Collects, Uses and Maintains Personal Information
DKU takes reasonably practicable measures to procure that the collection of your Personal Information is minimized and your Personal Information is collected and used only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement. DKU will retain your Personal Information only for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement, subject to your right, under certain circumstances, to have certain of your Personal Information removed, unless a longer period is required under applicable law or is needed to resolve disputes or protect DKU’s legal rights. DKU respects the security of your Personal Information and is committed to protecting against the loss, misuse, and alteration of your Personal Information under its control through reasonable security measures.

However, when your Personal Information is transmitted through the Internet, you should know that no method of such transmission or method of electronic storage is completely secure.

In principle, your Personal Information will be stored in DKU’s secured IT system or in third-party cloud service providers’ infrastructures that meet DKU’s data security standard, and managed by DKU’s authorized staff. However, such disclosure or sharing may happen, if

a. you authorize or request it;
b. the disclosure or sharing is required by law, legal proceedings or government authorities;
c. the disclosure or sharing is necessary to safeguard life, property and other major legitimate rights and interest of yourself and/or other individuals, but it is difficult to obtain your consent;
d. the disclosure is made as part of a purchase, transfer or sale of services or assets (e.g., in the event that all or substantially all of DKU assets are acquired by another party, customer information may be one of the transferred assets);
e. your Personal Information has been de-identified to carry out statistical and/or academic research; or
f. the disclosure or sharing is necessary to achieve the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement.


In the event of such disclosure or sharing permitted by the circumstances above, DKU will procure your Personal Information is disclosed to or shared with third parties, which will use your Personal Information only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement and assume the same obligations as DKU in terms of protecting your Personal Information.


Please note that DKU may share information that does not personally identify you without restriction.

Your Rights and Obligations

You may exercise the following rights with respect to your Personal Information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of China:


a. to review your Personal Information collected and stored by DKU by making a request to the designated email address below; or

b. to request modification or removal of your Personal Information by making such request to the designated email address below.


You guarantee that all Personal Information you provide to DKU Websites is true, complete, accurate, and not misleading. DKU will not be responsible for any adverse consequences and legal liabilities caused by untrue, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information you provide. Once you become aware of any changes to your Personal Information that may reasonably affect the achievement of the purposes of collecting, using and maintaining your Personal Information, you should promptly update your Personal Information by sending an email to DKU at the designated email address below. Otherwise, you will accept any adverse consequences arising therefrom.

Governing Law
This Privacy Statement is governed by the laws and regulations of China.
Cookies and Website Analytics
DKU Websites employ cookies and similar technology to collect aggregate (non-personal) information about your website usage. This allows DKU Websites to remember you when you login in the future and to know your preferences when you return to DKU Websites. Cookies may remain on your browser, unless you delete them or they expire. Please be advised that some cookies may remain for a period of time while others are erased when you close your browser window. You may adjust your browser settings and decline cookies, but this may impact some features of certain DKU Websites.

DKU Websites may use web analytics tools to collect information about visitors traffic and their behavior on DKU Websites. These tools are used to identify usage trends, to improve the performance of and to enhance the content of, DKU Websites. When DKU uses these tools, DKU does not use them to identify you and DKU limits the collection or storage of your Personal Information.
To Unsubscribe
Should you wish to unsubscribe from receiving emails from a particular DKU Website, you may do so by unsubscribing through the unsubscribe feature included in specific emails.
Updates to this Privacy Statement
DKU reserves the right to update this Privacy Statement. You are encouraged to return to this page frequently to check for updated information.

Your continued engagement with DKU through DKU Websites after any updates to this Privacy Statement go into effect constitutes your acceptance of the updates.
Contact Information

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact