Tuition & Cost Of Attendance

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

Annual Costs for International Students 2024-2025 Academic Year

Tuition & Fees






Books, supplies, miscellaneous




Total Estimated Cost:$75,422

*exclusive of transportation costs


– All fees and rates provided at this time are estimates and are subject to change.

– A Duke Kunshan University payment plan is available for international students to allow for tuition, fees and residence charges to be paid in four installments per year (two installments per semester). Further information can be found here.

– Duke Kunshan student residence and dining facilities are closed during the winter break between the fall and spring semesters.

– DKU residence charge of single room is 9,500 RMB/1,342 USD per semester, double room is 7,500 RMB/1,059 USD per semester. There is no additional Residence charge for students taking the required Chinese Society and Cultural courses during the summer.

– International students are required to purchase and enroll in the Health Insurance Plan (including SOS) from the university. For detailed information about insurance, please click here.

– All the students must pay a refundable Campus Deposit of RMB 2,000/USD300. The deposit would be used to pay for the losses and damages caused to university property and some miscellaneous charges such as residence damages, excessive cleaning, refrigerator rental, library overdue fines, damaged or lost books, replacement processing fees, etc.

– Textbook fees will be charged at an estimated amount and the overpayment will be refunded.

– Students planning to pursue a Study Away program through DKU, including the semester at Duke University, DKU GO or GO-FLEX, or other official exchange partners, should prepare to cover any incremental costs associated with these programs. For the study away semester at Duke University, the incremental costs are calculated to be approximately $7,500-$9,500, depending on required health insurance needs. Flights are not included in this estimate.

– For other programs, direct and indirect costs as well as Financial Aid eligibility vary depending on the program you choose.  Students can compare the cost of these programs on the  Office of Global Education–Finances  webpage.

– Students are also responsible for covering the full cost of any summer programs in which they participate, including those at Duke. The cost of a summer term at Duke including tuition is currently calculated to be approximately USD 9,500 (students who choose courses with science labs will pay approximately USD 1,000 more for one science course).

 – More information about these programs is available on the OGE  homepage  or by contacting their office at