Admissions Video Supplement

Admissions Video Supplement

International undergraduate applicants have the opportunity to submit a supplemental video from their DKU Applicant Portal. This is an important part of the DKU application and gives applicants an opportunity to further demonstrate their fit for DKU’s unique community through a response to a randomized question or statement (a prompt). This Video Supplement, while not required, is highly encouraged and allows the admissions team to get to know applicants better.

Applicants – Log in to your portal and click on the Video Supplement link to view detailed instructions. Please read them thoroughly! You will first test your audio and video. When you are ready to proceed, you will be given a randomized prompt. You will have 1 minute to prepare, and up to 2 minutes to record your response.

We realize this is a timed exercise and your response will not be perfect. That is OK! During the 1 minute of preparation time, write key points or words if that helps you to remember what you want to say. You do not have to memorize your response. The goal is for the admissions team to learn more about you and your fit with DKU.

Before you can record a video, you must first submit your application. The video link is available to all applicants. Early Decision applicants must submit their video by November 15. Regular Decision applicants must submit their video by January 15. Any videos submitted after these dates may or may not be reviewed by the admissions team.

DKU also accepts recordings from InitialView. If you have completed an interview or glimpse recording, select Duke Kunshan University within your InitialView account. Applicants can also choose to share their Duolingo video and essay prompt with DKU.

Watch a short walk-through of the recording process

Why Submit a Video Supplement, Plus Tips

  • 01 • Is a video required?

    Submitting a video response is optional, but highly encouraged.

  • 02 • What are the technical requirements?

    • A computer, tablet, or phone with a microphone and camera.
    • The latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari browser.
    • A strong internet connection.
    • A well-lit space with minimal background noise.

    *You will be able to test your equipment before recording your video.

  • 03 • Is there a fee to submit my video?

    There is no fee to record a video response within your DKU Applicant Portal. If you would like to also submit a video through InitialView, their fees may apply.

  • 04 • When can I submit my video? Where do I submit it?

    You may submit your Video Supplement once we have received your application. Log in to your DKU Applicant Portal and click the link to the video recording platform. If you also choose to send any videos from InitialView, select Duke Kunshan University within your InitialView portal.

  • 05 • What is the prompt or topic?

    After you complete a test recording, you will receive a randomized prompt (topic). It will be in the form of either a question or a statement. For example, “In what way(s) did your high school experiences prepare you for college in China?” or “What skill or skills are you most excited to develop at DKU?” or “Tell us about your favorite family custom.” This is not a test! These topics are intended to inspire a spontaneous answer that offers insight into you – there is no right or wrong answer.

  • 06 • How much time will this take?

    The entire process can be as short as 4 minutes! In your DKU Applicant Portal, click the link for the video supplement, and read the instructions carefully. Record a short 10-second test to ensure your audio and video are working. After testing your equipment, you will receive your prompt, and have 1 minute to consider your response. Recording then begins automatically. You will have 2 minutes of recording time. You may use as little or as much time as you like; you are not required to use the entire 2 minutes. If you choose, you may record a new video only one additional time. You will receive a different prompt if you choose to record again.

  • 07 • What if I want to record my video again?

    If you are unhappy with your first video, you will have the option to record a new video only one additional time. If you choose to start over, you will receive a different prompt. Your first video will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Your second video will be automatically submitted – you can play it back, but you will not be able to delete it or record another one.

  • 08 •What if I want to delete the video I recorded?

    You cannot delete or “unsubmit” a video. Remember, your response is not expected to be polished or “perfect”!

  • 09 • Can I edit my video or upload a pre-recorded video?

    The video response is meant to be spontaneous and it is not possible to edit the video. There is not an option to upload a pre-recorded video within the portal.

Video Supplement Tips

  • Formulate your response during the 1 minute of prep time.

  • Write key points or words to help you remember what you want to say.

  • You do not need to memorize your response and it’s ok to glance at your notes.

  • If your response is shorter than 2 minutes, that’s ok!

  • If you don’t finish your response within 2 minutes, that’s ok!

  • Relax and speak from your experience. We want to know about you!

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