Qualities We Look for in a Successful Candidate

Qualities We Look for in a Successful Candidate

Qualities We Look for
in a Successful Candidate

We’re seeking talented students who will thrive in our unique global learning environment and who demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • 01High-achievers with a passion for learning

    Do your grades and test scores demonstrate academic distinction? Do you push yourself to excel both inside and outside the classroom? We are looking for well-rounded students who are intellectually engaged in a variety of settings and activities, and are well-prepared for a rigorous academic experience.

  • 02Strong interest in Duke Kunshan’s innovative, integrated and interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum

    Today’s students will soon graduate into a future where global politics, innovation and the environment intersect at every level. Complex global problems can no longer be adequately understood, addressed or solved through the lens of just one discipline, the way that traditional “majors” were designed. We are looking for students who are ready to tackle a unique, interdisciplinary curriculum that will prepare them to understand the world’s complexities from many angles and to make a difference on an international scale.

  • 03An adventurous spirit and global orientation

    Studying in a different country requires an open mind and an adventurous spirit. Are you adaptable? Tolerant? Do you have a genuine curiosity toward other cultures? Applicants must demonstrate an eagerness to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

  • 04Demonstrated impact in campus and community life

    We want students with a desire to have a meaningful impact. We look for demonstrated engagement in various extracurricular, co-curricular and service-learning activities that show how students can apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations and experience personal growth. How would you become fully engaged in your educational experience, bring value to the Duke Kunshan and broader community, and ultimately to future organizations?

  • 05Excited about the leadership opportunities in a global environment

    Imagine the opportunities available to you at such a young and vibrant global university. As a member of our fourth class, you will play a crucial role in helping grow our clubs, advancing our newly-created student government and writing for our new school newspaper. In essence, you will be helping shape the culture and legacy of our unique institution. Furthermore, our students can intern and research with multinational corporations and prosperous startups before graduating into the prestigious Duke Alumni Association. We look for students whose leadership experiences have prepared them to take full advantage of this rich environment.

  • 06Strong English language proficiency

    The Duke Kunshan curriculum is taught entirely in English; therefore, all successful applicants must have strong English language abilities. The Admissions Committee will be able to assess an applicant’s English language ability through the application process, which may include a live interview via phone or video chat. For non-native English speakers, TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo test scores may be submitted with an application for consideration, but are not mandatory. The TOEFL school code for Duke Kunshan University is B624.