Scholarship Sources

Scholarship Sources

Scholarship Sources

Duke Kunshan University scholarships are supported through generous contributions from our academic and business community. The following is a list of some of our scholarship sources. Scholarships are awarded automatically at the time of acceptance. A separate application is not necessary.

  • 01 • Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship

    This scholarship was created to fund university students on Duke Kunshan’s full-time undergraduate degree program.

  • 02 • Kunshan Government Scholarship

    The city of Kunshan will fund 10 international students and 10 Chinese students in Duke Kunshan’s second cohort of undergraduate students.

  • 03 • Chancellors’ Scholarship

    Initiated by Mary Bullock upon her retirement in 2015, the scholarship is named in honor of Duke Kunshan’s inaugural Chancellor Liu Jingnan and inaugural Executive Vice Chancellor Mary Bullock, and their shared vision that Duke Kunshan will become a leading international university. It is considered the highest honor for incoming students. The scholarship is awarded to one international student and one Chinese student in the undergraduate program each year.

  • 04 • Bond Scholarship

    This scholarship, awarded by Bond Education, will fund top students with outstanding records in leadership, service and academics.

  • 05 • The Richard H. Brodhead Global Scholarship

    Initiated by Duke Kunshan’s inaugural Advisory Board in recognition of Duke’s 13th president, the Richard H. Brodhead Global Scholars are selected from the very best Chinese and international applicants. The scholarship fund will allow students with exceptional academic talent, demonstrated character and leadership ability to “take the leap” with confidence, to join and help shape this young university.

  • 06 • Ying Hui Scholarship

    Established in honor of the ancient Chinese tradition of benevolence and care for others, this scholarship is awarded to incoming undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, leadership and commitment to the principles of community service and social progress.

  • 07 • Fubon Scholarship

    The scholarship was created by Fubon Group to inspire and support students from Taiwan and international students to attend Duke Kunshan’s undergraduate program, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

  • 08 • Shu Ren Scholarship

    The Shu Ren (meaning “nurturing the talent” in Chinese) Scholarship was created to support the early growth of Duke Kunshan’s undergraduate degree program, contributing to the university’s vision of creating a new type of globally aware, intellectually agile, ethical leader while also helping transform Chinese higher education.

  • 09 • Green Future Fund

    The fund was created through the generous philanthropy of Ma Lin in contributing to a sustainable future in China and beyond. The fund will provide dedicated support to outstanding undergraduate students at Duke Kunshan who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the protection of China’s environment and related sustainability causes.

  • 10 • Hong Scholarship

    This scholarship is open to students who have declared a major in humanities and demonstrate a strong need for financial aid. The recipients are encouraged to shape their lives in a way that is rich with meaning as they examine and recognize the full range of human values and potential.

  • 11 • Fang Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by the Fang family with the intention to help remove financial obstacles, enabling top high school graduates from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as other regions, to choose Duke Kunshan over other prestigious institutions.

  • 12 • Zhi Yuan Scholarship

    Named after the Chinese proverb “Ning jing zhi yuan” (meaning “tranquility yields transcendence” in Chinese), the scholarship is offered to students who are determined to increase their depth of knowledge and experience, and to confront complicated and rapidly changing social realities.

  • 13 • JF Progressive Scholarship

    With their dedication to education and high hopes for students from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas, Jeff C. Chuang and Frances Chang established the JF Progressive Scholarship to support outstanding undergraduate students at Duke Kunshan.

  • 14 • L Scholarship

    This scholarship aims to support excellent undergraduate students at Duke Kunshan for their overall academic and personal development.

  • 15 • Huiyan International Education Fund Scholarship

    The fund was established with support from Yang Huiyan, vice chairman of Country Garden Holdings, and a donation from the Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation of Guangdong province. The fund supports exceptional undergraduate students at Duke Kunshan and aims for a better world through education.

  • 16 • DKU Foundation Scholarship

    The scholarship is supported by the Duke Kunshan Education Development Foundation, which aims to facilitate the success of the university’s mission to become a world-class liberal arts and research university with a transformational impact on higher education in China and around the globe.