Duke Kunshan University Undergraduate Degree Program: Information for Homeschooled or Online-schooled Applicants

Information for Homeschooled or Online-schooled Applicants

Information for Homeschooled or Online-schooled Applicants

Homeschooled or online-schooled applicants to Duke Kunshan University (DKU) follow the same application process as any other first-year applicant. While there are no additional application requirements for homeschooled or online-schooled students, this guideline provides recommendations for adaptations and supplemental materials that may help applicants provide additional context for their application.


Applicants must submit an official academic transcript consistent with their state or national guidelines. Please submit any and all of the following, as applicable:


  • • Transcripts from an accredited homeschool association for coursework completed, attempted or in-progress. *
  • • High school transcript(s) for any coursework completed, attempted or in-progress.
  • • College transcript(s) for any dual enrollment college courses completed, attempted or in-progress.

*Students who are not members of such schools or associations should provide an official homeschool transcript signed by the homeschool counselor and should include each course title and letter grade.

Letters of Recommendation

If applicable, a family member may write the counselor letter of recommendation. The applicant must also have two additional letters to meet the requirement for the teacher letters of recommendation. It is strongly recommended that applicants assign these recommendation letters to people from outside of the immediate family who should ideally have worked with the applicant in an academic/co-curricular setting and be able to assess the applicant’s academic performance, abilities, and potential.

School Report

The Secondary School Report may be completed by a high school counselor, homeschool counselor or family member and may include motivations for home schooling and description of curricula, etc.

High School Diploma
Any high school diploma recognized by the prevailing national or state authority or qualifying results from a high school equivalency examination such as the G.E.D., the College Board’s HiSET, or Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC™) will meet DKU’s requirement for a high school diploma.

In order to fully understand the academic transcript(s) and grades, it is essential to provide context to the homeschool curriculum. If the applicant has been following an accredited homeschool program, submit a copy (or URL link) of that program’s published curriculum, grading scale, and any other pertinent materials available.

For other types of homeschool curriculum, submit course descriptions, grading scales, course syllabi and any other resource that outlines the content, learning objectives, and assessment methods. This can be included with the School Report.

Formal and Supplementary Testing

In accordance with the DKU Test-Optional Policy, applicants for the 2022 entry term can choose to waive the submission of SAT/ACT test scores. To further demonstrate academic ability, applicants are encouraged to submit any and all supplementary testing scores, if applicable, such as SAT Subject Tests, International Baccalaureate (IB) and/or Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

Last updated: June 30, 2021