External Scholarship(s)

External Scholarship(s)

External Scholarship(s)

External Scholarships are a form of grant aid that is awarded to students by external organizations like community nonprofits, local businesses, scholarship organizations, etc. If you receive additional funds from any external sources (other than DKU), you shall report this to the Office of International Enrollment Management within one month after your receipt of such additional funds. The Office of International Enrollment Management reserves the right to review, modify or cancel financial aid if you receive new funding from any external source and it changes your financial status and/or eligibility for financial aid. 

Please provide the following information along with the scholarship letter through the link below: 


– Name of the scholarship recipient:  

– Amount of the scholarship:  

– Annual/semester-basis or one-time:  

– Any restrictions on what this award could and could not apply to




• You can stack external scholarships up to 10,000 USD per year in addition to DKU Financial Aid award, and if the external scholarship exceeds 10,000 USD cap, the DKU Financial Aid award will be reduced by the excessive amount. 


• If your external scholarship is larger than your DKU Financial Aid award, DKU will allow you to retain up to 10,000 USD per year of your DKU Financial Aid award to use in combination with the external scholarship. However, the combination of DKU Financial Aid award (up to 10,000 USD) and external scholarships per year may not exceed the total cost of attendance (listed on DKU’s website). In the event that your external scholarship does not meet the 10,000 USD cap but exceeds the total cost of attendance, a refund will not be issued. 


• In the event that DKU becomes Title IV eligible, external scholarship policies and regulations are subject to change. Students will be notified of any changes at once. 

Please note that DKU prefers international wire transfer from external scholarship organizations. Traditional check payment is still acceptable, but the process may take several months before the actual fund been posted to your student account. Please contact international-finaid@dukekunshan.edu.cn for further instructions.