Duke Kunshan University Full Scholarship

Global Leaders Full Scholarship Award

DKU Global Leaders Full Scholarship Award

Duke Kunshan University seeks an extraordinary, global cohort of students and thus makes available both merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid to assist international students with the cost of tuition. To reach talented students with significant financial hardship, Duke Kunshan University will offer up to 3 full scholarships to international students in the Class of 2028. These awards cover the full cost of tuition and the majority of non-tuition costs associated with enrollment including books, airfare, housing, food, and local health insurance. 

To be considered for these awards, eligible international applicants must demonstrate full financial need, exceptional academic achievement and leadership potential. Candidates will be considered from all nationalities, cultural identities, and backgrounds. 

Award Benefits
Students who become DKU Global Leaders Full Scholarship Award recipients will receive the following:
    • Tuition-Free Enrollment – Students will not be charged tuition during 4 consecutive years of full-time undergraduate enrollment at Duke Kunshan University.
    • Living Expenses – DKU will cover the majority of non-tuition expenses including a subsidy for books charged by DKU, a campus housing subsidy, a subsidy for the required DKU insurance plan, and a meal stipend for campus dining.
    • Airfare – DKU will pay for one-round trip between current residency and DKU each academic year.
    • Technology – A one-time laptop stipend (made available after arrival on campus).
    •  Study Away – DKU will cover the costs associated with a Study Away Semester at Duke University (one semester in junior year) including essential costs charged by Duke, visa application fee assistance and airfare assistance.
    • Career Building – Unique advising, promotional, and networking opportunities.
Eligibility Criteria
  • • First year international student applicant for the Fall 2024 entry term
  • • Evidence of low income and considerable financial hardship
  • • Outstanding accomplishments that demonstrate global leadership potential
  • • A record of academic excellence
  • • Position in the top 10% of the application pool
Application Checklist & Deadlines
    • 1. Submit a completed Common Application and required documents by deadline (November 1 for ED, January 2 for RD)
    • 2. Indicate “Yes” to the need-based financial aid question on the Common Application
    • 3. Submit the CSS PROFILE and supporting documents by financial aid application deadline (November 15 for ED, February 1 for RD)
    • 4. Submit and complete a Full Scholarship Application form* in the student portal by the deadline (November 20 for ED, February 15 for RD).
      1. Answer the following application essay question. Your response should be between 250 and 500 words.
      2. “If awarded this scholarship and given the opportunity of a global education through Duke Kunshan, what do you hope to achieve after graduation? How will your leadership make a positive contribution to your community? Please be specific.”
      4. *This application form will appear on your DKU Application Portal after submitting your Common Application.
    • 5. Participate in an admissions interview, upon invitation. Selected candidates will be invited to interview by email. Interviews will typically take place in November-December for ED or February-March for RD.

Students admitted to DKU will receive notice of financial aid and scholarship selection in their offer letter. Students who do not meet the criteria for the full scholarship may be considered for other awards. See Special Notes below for further details

Special Notes

Funding for the full scholarship program is limited up to 3 awards per year. Consequently, admission and selection for eligible candidates is highly competitive. DKU recognizes that it is critical for enrolled students to have the funding necessary to support themselves for the duration of the undergraduate program. Therefore, candidates who meet the criteria for financial hardship but are not selected for this award will not be admitted to DKU. In the Regular Decision round, a small number of ranked alternates will be offered a spot on the waitlist and typically notified by late May if a full scholarship award becomes available.  


Additionally, students who are awarded the full scholarship should expect to sign the Media Release Consent Form upon their offer letter so that DKU can share in communications and promotions.

Last updated: Aug 14, 2023