DKU Admission Record Request

DKU Admission Record Requests

International Undergraduate Admissions Record Request

International students actively enrolled at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) in the Undergraduate Degree Program have the ability to view the information stored with their undergraduate admissions record, with the following exceptions:

    • • Financial records of the student’s parents 
    • • Confidential letters/statements of recommendation for admission that the student has waived their right to view

The confidential admissions record may include the following data collected during the enrollment period: the applicant’s demographic and biographic information, the Common Application and associated materials, high school credentials, test scores (if provided), and other international enrollment-specific information. Most evaluative details are not retained with the record after the admissions cycle closes (prior to the first day of class at DKU).

Request Process

Active international undergraduate students wishing to view their admissions record may submit a request via email to the Office of International Enrollment Management (IEM) ( The request should include the following:

    • • Full Name
    • • DKU Student ID or Unique ID
    • • Admit term
    • • Primary method of contact
    • • Home and local addresses

Office of International Enrollment Management will comply with record review requests within 45 days.

Arrangements will be made for the student to read their record in the presence of an IEM staff member (on either the DKU or Duke campus). Screenshots and recordings are not permitted; copies are not provided, including copies of transcripts from other institutions.

  • – A student who exercises the right to review their admissions record is also entitled to a reasonable request for explanation and interpretation of those records.
  • – A student cannot view the record of another student.
Last updated: Oct 31, 2022